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About Us

We are a semi-private recording studio. We primarily do work for our owner and guests. From time to time we do accept outside bookings. Feel free to inquire at our booking page. 

rks a.jpg
Rikki Swin a.k.a. Gramma Rikki

A real Gramma of 4. This is a boutique studio I have built with the help of famed studio designer Larry Swist. The design point is state-of-the-art. We are digital from capsule to cone (mics are digital and monitors are digital too). All processing is digital - no converters. Pretty rare!

I write Jazz and Pop and have a Facebook following of over 63,000 at this writing. Check me out at Gramma Rikki

I sometimes Engineer but really I am a producer and mastering engineer. We have a super-qualified engineer. (see below).

I love new and different projects - game changers excite me. I love working with new and upcoming talent as well as the old established ones.

darvis photo.jpg
Darvis Taylor

Recording Engineer.​

Darvis has been with this studio since its inception. He helped build it and wire it and knows it inside and out. A Pro Tools expert with a command of the software that knows its inner workings. Expert microphone placement, recording techniques and superlative hearing. He has "EARS" 

Darvis is also a singer / songwriter / guitar and bass player. Plays in 2 or 3 local groups.

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